WuXi NextCODE US Lab Bio-LIMS®系统建设完成


2019 年初 WuXi NextCODE US Lab 与 Bio LIMS INC 正式签订 Bio-LIMS® 系统建设服务合同,合同约定 Bio LIMS INC 将辅助 WuXi NextCODE 的美国实验室采用 Bio-LIMS® V 7.0 国际版完成实验室日常的信息化管理。通过双方三个月的共同合作,目前已经完成从标本采集到检测结束的全部流程的项目实施,并已交付 WuXi NextCODE US Lab 使用。

In early 2019, WuXi NextCODE US Lab and Bio LIMS INC officially signed a Bio-LIMS® system construction service contract, stipulating that WuXi NextCODE's US laboratory will use the Bio-LIMS® V7.0 International version system as its LIS system to manage the laboratory’s daily operation. After three-months intensive collaboration afforts of the two parties, the implementation of the whole work flow system from collection of specimens to the completion of testing and reportingis complete and the system has been delivered to the WuXi NextCODE US Lab laboratory.


Bio LIMS INC 首席技术官倪毅先生介绍:本次和 WuXi NextCODE US Lab 的合作,是在 Bio-LIMS® V7.0 版本的基础上做了部分优化。系统不仅仅跨越了语言的屏障,还做了大量的自动化流程的开发,使得系统更适合美国本土的企业模式和员工的使用习惯。

The CTO of Bio LIMS INC Mr. Ni Yi states: the system installed in WuXi NextCODE US Lab is an optimized version of Bio-LIMS® V7.0. The system not only crossed the language barrier, but also contains A large number of automated processes that have been developed to make the system more suitable for the US operation model and users preference.


WuXi NextCODE US Lab 是明码在马萨诸塞州设立的分子检测实验室,实验室位于剑桥市,紧临波士顿,主要面向美国客户提供基因检测服务。

WuXi NextCODE US Lab is a molecular diagnostic testing laboratory located in Cambridge of Massachusetts. It is near Boston, and provides genetic testing services to US customers.

Bio LIMS INC 为百奥利盟在美国设立的分公司,成立于2016年,位于波士顿,旨在为美国生物医药企业提供信息化系统服务。

Bio LIMS INC, a division of Bio-LIMS in the United States, was established in 2016 and is based in Boston. It focuses on providing information systems services to US biopharmaceutical companies.